Projects Manager

You can create and manage as many projects as you want using the project manager. Here you can see all the game projects you have already created and quickly access them. This project manager offers a toolbox giving you access to various small editors, such as a terrain editor, script, tree, rock, quest...
When you open the project manager, a remote update search is verifed allowing you to be informed if one is ready to be downloaded.

Zones Editor

Edit the different areas of your project with simple but powerful tools. You can create as many zones as you want and add to each zone, a terrain, your sceneries, your portals and others. Consider an area as the environment on which you add land or why not an area with a single ocean with boats. If you create several zones, connect them by teleportation portals so that your players move from one zone to another.

Actors Editor

You can create as many actors as you need and change their appearances. Actors that your players can customize in up to around 700 combinations, but also PNJ (Non-Player Characters) such as enemies, traders, villagers..., But also animals that your players can ride or not, pets that can follow you, others that can attack you or be passive depending on your settings preferences.

Animations Editor

The actors need animations. This editor is made for that. Simply create animation groups (human, zombie, horse, etc.) Then add animation keys to each group (walk, run, jump, etc.). Each animation key needs the start and end of the animation you created in your modeling editor (Blender, 3ds max). When you have created your animation group, you can enter in the actor tab which animation group will be used by a actor.

Particles Editor

Particles give interesting special graphical effects in games. It can be an explosion, a realistic fire, magic effects, a fountain where water gushes... You can create as many particles as you need and use the emitting source in your areas.
This particles editor is quite powerful, as it allows you to create sub-particles if needed and adjust them independently and see the result as a whole.

Medias Editor

Add your own media into the editor and organize them. Realm Crafting distributes over 100 different 3D models, over 300 images, over 50 sound effects that you can use however you like. The Media Editor allows you to change some default behaviors such as scaling and auto-LOD. You don't need to create multiple LODs for each model, Auto LOD does it for you. Only create an object heightPoly and the automatic LOD will create a mediumPoly and lowPoly by the decimation method. When you import your own templates, you can create a thumbnail of your templates for a quick overview in the list.

Terrains Editor

Realm Crafting allows you to create different terrains for your areas. Lands can take several different sizes depending on what you want to do in your area. The largest plot you can make is 2048*2048 units. Which can be very large if the scale of your characters is scaled down. The terrain editor allows you to raise mountains, dig rivers, create ramps, but also paint up to 8 different textures. An auto-texture tool is available to paint quickly at first, then you can manually adjust afterwards with the brush to add detail. It is a very powerful tool and optimize for your games.

Trees Editor

Build trees to export for your projects. You can create different types of trees by choosing a texture for the trunk and for the foliage. The trees can then be added in bursts with the paint trees tools in the zone editor. You can thus create very large forests because the trees generate their maximum optimization in polygon numbers and for collisions.

Caves Editor

Build caves to export for your projects. To add your caves to your land, dig a hole on the side of a mountain to open a passage, then position the entrance to the cave so that the players can explore it.

Rocks Editor

Build rocks to export for your projects. The rocks add detail to the landscape or allow you to hide a hole or prevent a player from passing through. Several rock shapes can be created and you can resize them in the media editor or the zone editor.

Scripts Editor

It is essential to have a script editor to customize the mechanics of your game. Realm Crafting allows you to create your own scripts in modern JavaScript. Simple script function allows you to write code in a few lines without much headache. More experienced users can use code directly from the BabylonJS API. An IntelliSense is built into the editor to easily find script commands. When you make a small syntax error, the editor notifies you in real time below the line in question. You can also create scripts in PHP to manage a MYSQL database for example or others.


Realm Crafting is open source. It belongs to everyone.
You can contribute in whatever way you are able and we appreciate it.
See realm-crafting on bitbucket (GIT)